Our biggest show ever is happening at The Myrna Loy Center in Helena, MT on Monday, Aug 3rd.

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Our latest single is 'One Eye, One Arm, One Man' - A Twin Peaks inspired track featured on THE NEXT PEAK VOL. III from Retro Promenade.

Check it out on BANDCAMP.

VOX POPULI 2 is the new compilation from Retro Promenade featuring our latest single 'LADY KILLER'.

Check it out on BANDCAMP.

We were honored to be featured at the top of Paste Magazine's list of "10 Montana Bands You Should Listen to Now". Check out the article HERE.

DARLING DREAMER is our 2nd collaboration with '80s pop producer extraordinaire Sunglasses Kid.


Out now on Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

Our remix of I WAS A FOOL by Tegan And Sara is up on indabamusic.com and open to public voting for best remix in the universe.

CALL ON YOU is our collaboration with Timecop 1983 from his new album 'Journeys'.


Check it out on Bandcamp

CHROME LUST is our collaboration with Brooklyn producer DJ TEN featured on his new album 'Retrological 2.0'.


Available now on

Bandcamp & iTunes

“The debut EP from The Boy & Sister Alma hit this week and it's a highly recommended experience in 80s driven synth pop magic... For a debut EP this is massively promising for the future of The Boy & Sister Alma as I believe their honest and intimate sounds are perfectly suited to 80s oriented experiences and it's these ideas and elements that shine throughout this release.”



“I'm not sure what I expect music from Montana to sound like, but it surely isn't The Boy and Sister Alma. Their new ep was created entirely in Montana but is more in league with the Italo Disco revival and is a quality piece of work.”

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